LeoROM V10.0 三星 高通 猎户座

感谢 IT小小鸟 协助测试内核

V10.0改进以及进度 Improve change and progress

  • 修复上一版BUG
  • 新增猎户N9系列型号支持
  • Leo设置可独立更新(这样做可以防止一些未知问题)
  • 新增安全文件夹(需要双清了)
  • 移除推荐精简程序功能(防止误删)
  • 谷歌服务在刷机的时候可以选择安装或者不安装高通S9默认安装
  • 修复上一版本锁屏电池出现多个的问题
  • 修复上一班高通S8视频增强FC
  • 自定义电池图标可以显示在下拉状态栏 自动变色
  • 在下拉状态栏增加设备信息显示(例如温度 CPU等) 自动变色
  • 优化下拉模拟时间与下拉设备信息间距问题
  • 优化调整Leo设置所存在的问题
  • 用户中心调整到主界面 系统更新与工具设置移到用户中心
  • 修复自定义动作 在隐藏LEO设置之后 点击无效问题
  • 新增QS 按钮文本自定义
  • 移除安全截屏限制
  • 应用分身支持所有安装程序
  • 修复重启后锁屏指纹直接解锁无效问题
  • 增加极简版电源菜单并设置为默认
  • 添加一堆字体
  • 增加伪装5G 感谢(Man-1993/Norma)
  • 更新busybox
  • 更新MagiskManager
  • 等等更多

  • Fix the previous version of BUG
  • Added Orion N9 series model support
  • Leo settings can be updated independently (this will prevent some unknown issues)
  • Add a new security folder (requires double clear)
  • Remove recommended refiner features (to prevent accidental deletion)
  • Google service can choose to install or not install Qualcomm S9 default installation when brushing machine
  • Fixed multiple problems with the previous version of the lock screen battery
  • Fix last Qualcomm S8 Video Enhanced FC
  • Custom battery icon can be displayed in the drop-down status bar
  • Add device information display (such as temperature CPU, etc.) in the drop-down status bar.
  • Optimize pull-down simulation time and drop-down device information spacing problem
  • Optimize the problem of adjusting Leo settings
  • User Center is adjusted to the main interface System Update and Tool Settings are moved to the User Center
  • Fix custom action After hiding LEO settings Click on invalid question
  • Added QS button text customization
  • Remove security screenshot restrictions
  • App avatar supports all installers
  • Fix the problem that the lock screen fingerprint is directly unlocked after restarting
  • Add a minimal power menu and set it as default
  • Add a bunch of fonts
  • Added camouflage 5G thanks (Man-1993/Norma)
  • Update busybox
  • Update MagiskManager
  • and more

本来预计OTA 推送但是根据这次的改动LEO 核心与框架都做了调整 防止OTA发生一些不可预知问题,10.0不OTA 推送

Originally expected OTA push, but according to this change, LEO core and framework have been adjusted to prevent some unpredictable problems in OTA, 10.0 not OTA push


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