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  • 双清刷机
  • 部分机型刷机结束后不支持自动重启你需要手动重启
  • 开机后请先试用符合你的要求在进行数据恢复
  • 第一次开机后为确保流畅,运行完设置向导建议你在重启一次手机
  • 日版刷机之前必须备份EFS如果遇到开机卡LOGO或者基带丢失恢复EFS即可
  • 等我想到了在告诉你


  • Double cleaning machine
  • Some models do not support automatic restart after the end of the brush, you need to manually restart
  • Please try the data recovery after you boot up to meet your requirements.
  • After the first boot, to ensure smooth, after running the setup wizard, you are advised to restart the phone once.
  • The EFS must be backed up before the Japanese version of the machine. If you encounter the boot card LOGO or the baseband loss recovery EFS
  • I am telling you when I think of it.